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Teeth Whitening Charcoal

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Feel like your teeth could be a lot whiter? Guess what, you’re right! Who would have guessed that pitch black charcoal would be the ultimate solution to whiter teeth..

Activated charcoal powder is a 100% natural teeth whitener that removes stains, plaque and bacteria without the use of toxic chemicals found in many other commercial teeth whitening solutions. All you have to do is dip your wet toothbrush in the charcoal powder and brush for 2 minutes.. Rinse thoroughly and Viola! Whiter teeth!

How does it work? The activated charcoal is a natural absorber of harmful and toxic residue that clings to your teeth. By brushing your teeth with the activated charcoal you gradually remove the layer of residue on your teeth making them whiter over time!

– Whiter teeth
– 100% Natural ingredients
– Instant result
– Prevents bad breath
– Removes plaque
– Prevents bacteria growth
– No toxic chemicals

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  1. Denise R.

    guyyyysssss this is great. it arrived super fast and the product is great❤

  2. Guy

    Product matches the description I am happy

  3. I K

    Took a little bit long to arrive . But iT is a good product , iT already Works at the first try.

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